Weapons of the Crusades

Weapons ranged from being makeshift or highly advanced, depending on the social status of the carrier. For example, an honored knight would recieve a very expensive long sword whereas a peasant might be forced to use his wooden club.

The Crossbow
The Crossbow was not commonly used in the crusades, since it was such a new and faulty instrument. However, the one advantage it did have was that it could be loaded before the battle began, but other than that, it was just a heavy load.
Blunt Weapons
These two wooden stubs did not have any special feature, they were just wooden stubs. The club on the left was the most caveman-like weapon of the Crusades, when its partner to the left was only a slightly enhanced version of it (being considerably longer and the added metal rings around the top- woohoo!)

Morning Star
This ball and chain, AKA the Morning Star, was a very brutal weapon. When slung down upon the skulls of the enemy, it caused serious damage. It probably also looked the most epic when used.

War Hammer
The war hammer was a very common weapon during the crusades. It was quite expensive, but worth the money since the sharp end could penetrate armor and the blunt end could make heavy dents in the armor.

The dagger was mainly used as a back up weapon, considering the fact that the fighter could be disarmed of their main weapon during battle.

Crusader Weapons
These were some of the main weapons used by the Crusaders, the war ax and the long sword. Typically only knights wielded these, because they were so costly.

Muslim Weapons
The swords that the Muslims used were almost always curved, which allowed the Muslims to swing them faster than the Christians. This particular sword was called a sabre. The claw-like weapon to the right was called a tiger claw, and was also often used during the Crusades.