Results of the Crusades
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  • Increase of trade

  • Muslims had Jerusalem

  • Christians had control of the Byzantine Empire

  • Abolition of serfdom

  • Increased Europeans interest in the East

  • Decline of the Byzantine Empire

  • Increased Islamic militancy

  • Decline of Papal Power

Positive and Negative Effects of the Crusades

  • New form of trade
  • Positive growth in European economy
  • Gained new medical knowledge from the East
  • Led to various explorers like Marco Polo
  • Created a demand for transportation of men and supplies
  • Encourage ship building which created jobs and helped explorers
  • Growth of wealth for the church


  • All of the deaths
  • Exposure to disease
  • Destruction of cities and cultural pieces
  • Caused turmoil
  • Senseless violence
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