Popes of the Crusades

Among the many Crusader Popes here are a few famous ones.

Pope Gregory VII.

greg.jpg Pope Gregory was like by the Crusaders when he offered military support out West. He also personally led 50,000 people to the East.

Pope Urban II.

urban.jpg Most famous for holding a famous speech at the Counci of Claremont in 1095 about starting the First Crusade to retrieve the Holy Land. The response to his call was greater than expected.

Pope Eugenius III.
gene.jpg Pope Eugenius preached the Second Crusade after Muslims retook the County of Edessa.

Pope Gregory VIII
yo.jpgPope Gregory VIII sought to launch a new Crusade. He tried to mend disagreements in the West between people and the Church as well as the Church and monarchs. During his trip to Pisa to heal the split between that city and Genoa he grew ill with fever and died.

Pope Innocent III.
During Innocent's papacy he successfully called for no less than three major crusades including the Fourth Crusade and the Fifth Crusade and supported crusading efforts in Spain and the mission of the Teutonic Knights in the Baltic.

Pope Leo IV.


As soon as Leo became Pope, he took precautions to guard against future attacks on Rome by rebuilding the cities walls and towers and enclosing Vatican hill in walls. Its portion became known as the Leonine City. Leo also engineered a major campaign to refurbish the great churches in Rome, which had been plundered in 846.