Major Events and People
A general map of the crusades:C_allstill.gif

November 27th 1095: Pope Urban II gave one of the most influential speeches in order to get people to fight for the freedom of the Holy Land following the taking of Jerusalem by the Muslims which resulted in over 3,000 Christian deaths. The First Crusade had launched. "God wills it!"
During First Crusade: Peter the Hermit preeched throughout France, successfully convincing many peasants to join the fight for the crusade while carrying a cross
1146: Edessa taken by the Turks, most of inhabitants murdered or sold into slavery. This influenced the begginning of the Second Crusade
1147-1149: The Second Crusade
1189-1192: The Third Crusade
1187: Saladin captured Jerusalem
1202-1261: The Fourth Crusade, led by Pope Innocent III
1204: The Sack of Constantinople- crusaders destroyed Constantinople and stole its valuables
1217-1221: The Fifth Crusade*, led by the kings of Hungary and Cyprus
1228-1229: The Sixth Crusade*, led by Fredrick II
1248-1254: The Seventh Crusade*, led by King Louis IX
1270: The Eight Crusade*, also led by King Louis IX who died of the plague
1271-1272: The Ninth Crusade*, led by King Edward I who captured Nazareth, which benefited the Christians

*Minor Crusades

Explanation of Major People in the Crusades

A better Description of the few of the many IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN THE CRUSADES.

Peter The Hermit
After hearing Pope Urban's speech at the Council of Claremont,
Peter the Hermit, a French monk, was inspired to travel to different
areas in the hopes of getting people to join the fight to regain the
Holy Lands. Peter led one of the bands of citizens willing to
fight. He went East and faced agonizing defeat against areas he was
trying to convince to join the Crusades. His army also was not prepared
to face the long trek. Therefore, he turned around and went back to
Constantinople ( Capitol of Byzantine Empire) To ask Emperor Alexius
for help. Walter the Penniless led his army after his leave. This ended in
most of his army getting massacred by the Turks. Later, he joined
Godfrey Bouillon's army. He almost deserted the cause, but was forced
to stay. On his way back to Europe after all the chaos settled down,he
founded the monastery of Neufmoutier.
Pope Urban II.
Pope Urban II. became connected to the Crusades after he recieved
notification from Emperor Alexius I. telling him of the massacre on Christians
by the Turks in the Holy Land. Urban responded by holding the Council of Claremont and
giving a speech that told of the need to take action, hence the First Crusade. In short, parts
of his speech explained the benefits of joining, such as a promise into heaven.
People were so moved they shouted "God Wills It!" His speech was given in French, but it
was later translated into English, Spanish and a few other languages.
Saladin was a muslim leader during the Crusades. He united the Muslim world and
recaptured Jerusalem.