------ It is 1095, and I'm in my small room after morning prayers in the monastery. Rumors have been flying around my fellow monks about Emperor Alexius I. asking for Pope Urban's help in something he called a Holy War or Crusade. A knock was on my door and I took a break from writing......
The visitor was just one of the other monks who came to tell me that the Holy Land had been taken over by the Turks or Muslims. I said a silent prayer to myself and drowned out some of what the Brother was saying to me. The last sentence I heard was ".... 3000 Christians were killed and a meeting will be held to take action." I looked up at him and said that I would gladly attend the event as long as someone would go with me. He said the whole monastery would attend and I agreed.

Today is the day that I attended the Council of Claremont and listen to His Holiness Pope Urban give us wisdom in confronting this terrible domination of the Holy Land. I stood in a crowd of too many people to count. Pope Urban spoke many powerful words about fighting for spiritual benefit and being guarunteed into heaven. I smiled and thanked the Lord for giving us such a wonderful Pope. At the End of the speech I couldn't help but shout at the top of my lungs.." Deus Lo Volt!!!" or "God Wills IT!" From then on, I found my calling to be one of getting others to join in the Crusade.

----- I have been traveling for several months now all through France and got a decent amount of people to follow me. (mainly peasants). Finally I felt ready to attempt to lead the men, women and children to the Holy Land. Through the hunger and lack of discipline we finally made it to Constantinople. I met a nice man named Walter whom some people call Walter the Penniless. He also succeeded in bringing people to the Byzantine Capital. We agreed to combine our remaining peoples into one standing army.

--- We heard news from Emperor Alexius a few days ago and he is willing to ship our army across the Bosporus to the Asiatic Shore. Perhaps, he was scared of our restlessness and lack of organization. Either way I am thankful we did not have to walk around on foot. He gave us specific instructions to wait for his orders to move on and that is when I got scared....

-- We have been attacked and as I am quickly jotting this down, I hear the cries of pain from thousands of people. They invaded without waiting for orders and I knew this would happen. I pray for all even though I barely know their names. What have I done???

-- We decided it would be best to head back to Constantinople with the few people we had left. Little did we know the Turks wanted more and followed us. Soon our people were slaughtered down.

---- It's been a few weeks since I have written. Out of fear, I am currently going into hiding. I hope the Lord tells me what to do... I just abandoned his people.When it got rough for Moses leading the people out of Egypt he didn't give up.... What am I to do???? I think I'm done writing......... For now
Peter the Hermit.